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Plant Factory(PUFFS-Tron)

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Plant Factory(PUFFS-Tron)
Plant-Ubiquitous as Farm Factory System


Basically water, soil, and light are needed in order to plant growth. Plant factory also need suitable environment in order to plant growth. Soil, artificial medium, and nutrient are needed. So it is possible to produce all year round. Plant factory utilize the external temperature and natural light. So it reduces 50% on energy consumption.

Hanam engineering’s plant factory is cultivated without pesticide. So it produces sanitary quality products. Also, plant factory can be used various ways. Basically seed/leaf & fruits and vegetables can grow in the plant factory. In addition, plant can grow in extreme environmental condition by control the environmental factor.



  • Hybrid type plant factory can be classified into three types which are building type, container type, and greenhouse type.
  • Plant factory utilize two types of light. In the daytime, it utilizes natural light while it uses artificial light in the night time. So it leads to save energy 50%.
  • Produce leaf & fruits and vegetables simultaneously.
  • Hanam engineering’s patent technique is heat release systems which are Hot gas by pass and Heat pump system.
  • Produce all year round
  • It produced sanitary quality products
  • Remote control program is designed simple to easy handling
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Plant Factory-PUFFS-Tron-

Plant Factory-PUFFS-Tron-

Plant Factory-PUFFS-Tron-

Plant Factory-PUFFS-Tron-